What Are Neurolens Glasses?

What Are Neurolens Glasses?

What Are Neurolens Glasses?

What Are Neurolens Glasses?

Do you suffer from frequent headaches and dizziness? Do you find it hard to maintain balance? Do your eyes feel itchy, dry, or tired? Do the symptoms worsen after a long day of using your computer or digital devices? 


If your answer to any of these is yes, you likely have a condition resulting from eye misalignment. The brain works with the eyes to help you see without experiencing double vision. If your eyes are misaligned, it will be hard to maintain balance. 



Understanding Eye Misalignment


Each eye captures visual information independently, but the brain combines the two images into one. Eye-brain communication happens continuously when both eyes are open. 


Some people have perfectly aligned eyes, allowing the brain to fuse visual data seamlessly. However, others have eye misalignment, forcing the brain to work harder to combine two separate images. 


The constant adjustment stimulates the trigeminal nerve in the brain, causing:


  • Dizziness

  • Headaches

  • Other uncomfortable symptoms



Eye Misalignment and Digital Devices  


Symptoms of eye misalignment are more pronounced when using digital devices. Most people experience eye discomfort when focusing on close-range objects. The symptoms are often called digital eye syndrome or computer vision syndrome (CVS). 


Symptoms of CVS have become more prevalent with the increasing use of digital devices. Studies suggest that two out of three individuals experience CVS symptoms due to eye misalignment. 



What Are Neurolens Glasses?


Neurolens glasses leverage technology that links optometry and neurology. The eyeglasses comfortably align the eyes through a contoured prism technology. It places lens correction exactly where it is needed. 


The lenses are customized and available in the patient’s prescription. They are ideal for people who require eyesight correction and those who do not. The premium lenses are available in high-quality materials and antireflective coatings. 



Why You Need Neurolens Glasses


Studies show that most people who wear Neurolens glasses experience a dramatic reduction of symptoms. Over 92% of individuals report positive results after 90 days. Wearing the special glasses helps reduce the frequency and severity of headaches. 


Many individuals with CVS have been able to reduce or stop using pain medications after using Neurolenses. Adding a contoured prism to eyeglasses helps correct misalignment at near and far distances. The lenses help correct misalignment and create comfortable vision. 



Are You a Candidate for Neurolens Glasses?


Your eye doctor will confirm if you are a candidate for the glasses. Evaluating the severity and frequency of your symptoms can determine if you can benefit from the lenses. The doctor will measure your eye misalignment with a Neurolens Measurement Device (NMD). 


The diagnosis takes a few minutes. The results provide a comprehensive visual solution for your unique needs. Neurolens technology helps people with misaligned eyes and those who suffer from CVS. 


The prism lens can be added conveniently to regular prescriptions. The eyeglasses do not have complications or long-term side effects. They are relatively costly, and insurance companies do not cover the service. 


For more on Neurolens glasses, contact Blink Eyecare and Eyewear at our Charlotte, North Carolina office. Call (704) 817-3800 to schedule an appointment today. 

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